Dancing in the River

Yes! I totally believe that corporate worship is powerful, that unity in faith and spirit can transform cities, and that when we get together as ‘church’, it should be passionate, sincere, genuine and…fun!

So a massive thank you to Ginnie White who held a Dance Workshop on Saturday at Bushfire that was open to anyone willing to explore worship with movement! The power of dance in intercession and worship is mostly overlooked, or considered to be something only for the tall, lanky and athletic. Well my 4 yr old boy and 86 yr old Dad absolutely loved it, as did the 25 others of all ages, and I believe it’s the start of something at Bushfire. The style of dance really encourages community through warmth, caring, friendship and honouring the Lord.

This freedom of dance transferred to the Sunday meeting when Ian & Denise Grant from Romford joined us, and during the spontaneous worship the majoity of the Bushfire Family were out of their seats, passionately declaring the goodness of God! The talk subsequent talk by Ian Grant is a must-hear for anyone who considers themselves part of the Body of Christ, or wishes to connect more with Bushfire.

So what do you expect from Church? Are you part of a church because God placed you there? Ian and Denise have over 20 years experience of leading Immanuel Community Church in Romford, and are a real gift to the Body of Christ. Take a listen here and be challenged with the rest of us.

Love and blessings to you all! 🙂


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