Back to the future

It’s been too long since I last posted a blog on this site, and one thing I can’t stand is ‘old outdated news’…well I’m guilty of it, not because I have nothing to share or say, but because sometimes it’s hard to keep up with the many and varied communication tools out there, and simply having time to stop and write, is an accomplishment!

So what’s the purpose of a Bushfire Ministries blog? To provide a small update frequently, with a personal touch, sharing what’s going on in Bushfire for the sake of the church family, and also for the wider family of Bushfire friends, who have shown love and interest in us for many years.

Here we are in 2015, and with the many prophecies and experiences that we have shared both corporately as a body, and individually, we are not saying anything new by announcing that this year is an extraordinary one, and we will all move swiftly into our destiny, with greater urgency than before. We don’t have time for lack of forgiveness, or for unresolved issues to hold us back. God is seeking those who say YES to Him wholeheartedly, with a passion and deep love….and all other things need to step out of the way to make room for prioritising the Lord first.

Sometimes we have to go back, in order to go forward. A lovely picture of an arrow being pulled backward, before being unleashed speaks a thousand words. In order to go forward, we need to revisit things of the past and deal with them, once and for all.

As 2015 progresses, let’s find ourselves at the feet of Boaz, under His covering and collecting the harvest in the area assigned to us. Let’s not be busy looking at other’s giftings, behaviour or calling…let’s pursue Him first and foremost…and be a blessing to one another, stirring each other up to love and good deeds.

With blessings and prayers for a great month of March!
Heidi x


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